Peru: Official Arrested for Embezzling National Census Funds

(LIP-ir) — The census official for Peru’s National Statistics Institute (INEI) in charge of sub-district N° 3, an area located in San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, is being charged by Peru’s Public Ministry for embezzlement and crimes against State administration.

26-year-old Paul Azurga Gallegos was detained by Peru’s national police for having stolen 11,100 soles which were to pay census workers in the district of San Juan de Miraflores.

Gallegos had been entrusted with the money to pay the census workers for the job they were to do during Peru’s XI Census of Population and VI Dwelling Census on Sunday October 21.

It was reported that on the morning of Peru’s National Census, Gallegos went to a police station and reported that he had been robbed and that the money given to him to pay census workers had been stolen.

Police reported that while Paul Azurga Gallegos filed his report and made his statement, he was noted to be very nervous. This caused police to become suspicious of the statements he was making and the story he was telling officers.

Officers took the decision to drive Gallegos to his home, located at Andrés Avelino Cáceres Avenue Mz P-Lote 23, in the Tremola Azul neighborhood. After having searched his home, Peru’s National Police, accompanied by a State prosecutor, found the 11,100 soles which were to pay census workers.