Peru: Alberto Fujimori to Face Vladimiro Montesinos in Trial

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Supreme Prosecutor, José Peláez, who is in charge of handling six of the seven cases being presented against Alberto Fujimori, stated yesterday that Peru’s former president would confront his former advisor, Vladimiro Montesinos.

Preu’s Andina News Agency reported yesterday that Peláez described Vladimiro Montesinos as a "key piece" to the case in the charges being brought against Peru’s former president Alberto Fujimori.

"Montesinos is a key piece, that’s why we are going to ask him to participate in the trials, as well as other important witnesses which are going to be useful in supporting accusations," affirmed Peru’s Supreme Prosecutor.

Vladimiro Montesinos, the former head of Peru’s intelligence services has been found guilty of several corruption charges such as embezzlement, abuse of power, influence peddling and bribing TV stations. In 2006 Montesinos was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his direct involvement in an illegal arms deal aimed at providing 10,000 assault weapons to Colombian rebels.

Peru’s Supreme Prosecutor assured that it was a known fact that Montesinos was very close and shared power with Alberto Fujimori throughout his administration, stating that Montesinos was Fujimori’s closest advisor for 10 years.

Therefore, Peláez stated that the prosecution would ask for Vladimiro Montesinos to make statements as one of the main witnesses during the trial.