28-Storey Apartment Complex Worries Upscale Neighbors in Peru

(LIP-ir) — In one of Lima, Peru’s most upscale neighborhoods, neighbors protest with large yellow signs the construction of a new building complex which is to consist of 4 apartment buildings, the tallest of which is a 28-storey building.

The new apartment complex is to be built in the district of San Isidro between Miró Quesada and El Rosario Avenues and Los Cedros Street.

The complex will consist of one 16-storey building, two 24-storey buildings and one 28-storey building – all of which will be built on a 6,287 square meter (67,672 square foot) piece of land.

Graña y Montero S.A. will be responsible for building the new complex called the "Golf Millenium", which has been announced to be completed by August 2009.

The project is in its first stages and is currently a huge hole in the ground as well as a headache to all of the neighbors who are concerned that the complex will greatly increase traffic, reduce parking areas and cause water & sewage service problems.

Miguel Santillana, President of El Rosario’s Owners Association has affirmed that a building complex that size could not legally be built in the area. Santillana’s building would be directly behind the new Golf Millenium. He showed a newspaper journalist for Peru’s El Comercio that according to Ordinance 212, established on September 30, the tallest building which could be built in the area was a 15-storey building.

Santillana also demonstrated that last year’s ordinance, established by the Municipality of Lima in June, Ordinance 950 did not permit for 28-storey buildings to be constructed in the area.

The Mayor of San Isidro, Antonio Meier stated that there was nothing he could do because the project to build the Golf Millenium was approved on January 24 2006, when a more lax ordinance was in effect. The mayor stated that he had opposed the project but had been ignored.