Citizens in Peru’s Earthquake Affected Regions Begin Protests and Marches

Mayor of Cañete, Javier Alvarado Gonzales
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Julio Favre, the man put in charge of the South Reconstruction Fund (FORSUR) recently announced that his organization would be reduced from 19 members to 9.

This decision was made after 3 FORSUR members had quit and in an attempt to speed up the reconstruction process.

This decision has not comforted the people of Cañete, Lima, Peru, one of the regions affected by the August 15 earthquake. 500 people in Cañete held a march demanding that FORSUR support and help them more.

"Cañete’s people feel that their isn’t any support coming from FORSUR and they are desperate because of the long time the reconstruction process is taking. There are many victims," stated Giovanni Rezza, the head of the Public Relations Office in Cañete, Peru.

It was reported that a peaceful march took place from 8:30 a.m. until noon. It was organized by the Imperial District Municipality and supported by the provinces Mayor, Javier Alvarado Gonzales.

Rezza told Andina News Agency, "Mayor Alvarado gave the director of FORSUR 40 days beginning October 5, and if the situation remained the same he said that radical measures would be taken."

Rezza recalled that authorities in provinces which had been affected by the magnitude-8 earthquake had stated that strikes would take place if they were not helped. Groups in Ica have also gotten together and given FORSUR similar warnings.

Just before the march in Cañete ended, Father Martín Sánchez got together with Mayor Alvarado to coordinate the setup of housing units by Hogar de Cristo.