One of Lima, Peru’s Busiest Shopping Centers Closed Down

(LIP-ir) — One of Peru’s busiest commercial areas was closed down for 48 hours yesterday in an effort to organize commerce and put an end to street vending.

Gamarra, located in the district of La Victoria is the workplace of 80,000 people and visited by 100,000 shoppers daily.

This mega shopping center has over 17,000 establishments and is visited by over 3 million customers a month. Unfortunately it is also one of the most disorganized areas in Lima, Peru.

"Gamarra isn’t just crowded with street vendors but also with people selling cars in the street, occupying streets and sidewalks and keeping formal businesses from running," stated the Mayor of La Victoria Alberto Sánchez Aizcorbe.

Regional Police Chief Octavio Salazar stated that another of the problems faced by the mega shopping center was the amount of traffic the area generated.

Peru’s Police Chief stated that too many bus routes were running through the same area. He announced that the number of buses that would be permitted to drive through the area would now be limited.

During the cleanup, Municipal workers, Civil Defense personnel as well as electric and phone companies have been allowed into the area. During inspections, many illegal electric and phone connections were found. Many of the electric connections were reported to be serious fire hazards and were removed.