Mi Taxi Continues to Replace Ticos in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — Director of the new "Mi Taxi" program, Álvaro Chirinos reported that approximately two hundred thousand taxi drivers in Lima and Callao work with a vehicle that they are renting from someone or from a company, meaning that 80 percent of the taxis running through Lima and Callao were rented.

In addition, Chirinos stated that taxi drivers spend from 40 to 50 soles a day on the rental of a vehicle, which considerably cut into their profits.

Mi Taxi aims to provide taxi drivers with their own, new vehicle while making it easier for them to make monthly payments on the car they will one day own.

After making a US$2,990 down payment, a taxi driver in Peru can purchase a new Chevrolet Corsa that runs on natural gas. Mi Taxi proposes that with the money saved by using natural gas, it will be possible for the taxi driver to pay the monthly installments the new vehicle will cost.

Chirinos mentioned that within the next 30 days, 150 more of these taxis would be handed over to taxi drivers in Lima, Peru.

Chirinos told the host of the Mesa Central TV show, "150 vehicles have already been handed over and are on the street today. Family incomes have improved by 100 percent. We have taxi drivers who are earning 140 soles a day with this system."

He also explained that the vehicles had been designed to be taxis and had reinforced suspension systems, channels for the installation of natural gas as well as other benefits. The program has begun in Lima, Peru, where there are 17 natural gas stations already running.