Bullfighter Caught by Bull in Peru’s Plaza de Acho Celebrations


(LIP-ir) — Several complications at the opening of the bullfights in Acho, Lima, Peru made the show less than pleasant for spectators and fans present at the Feria del Señor de los Milagros 2007 (2007 Lord of Miracles Fair).

The first complication arose while the Spaniard Vicente Barrera, dubbed "El Torero de Lima" (Lima’s Bullfighter) by fans, was in Acho’s historic sand arena fighting a 500 kilo (1,102 pound) dark bull known as "Taquito". As fans inside the arena applauded Barrera, crowds of animal rights activists had gathered outside.

Dozens of activists had gathered outside the arena and were protesting the abuse the animals underwent before each bullfight. It was reported that activists were protesting in an attempt to do away with bullfighting which was not considered artistic, cultural or a sport by protesters.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., as the first bullfight was in progress, Peru’s police attempted to disperse the protesters which had gathered at the arenas main entrance by firing tear gas at them. Police did not consider that the tear gas would blow into the arena itself and disturb spectators and even the bullfighter himself.

As fans covered their faces with handkerchiefs to escape the burning effects of the gas, El Torero de Lima was forced to stop the bullfight so that he could be given water and something to clear his eyes with. The rest of the match was described as "spiritless."

During the second bullfight, the Spanish bullfighter, Eduardo Gallo was caught buy the bull and thrown into the air. Gallo was not seriously injured and decided to continue the fight.

Spectators stated the show was "lacking" and not up to the standards of Acho’s Celebrations, considered one of the best in South America.