Fujimori?s girlfriend pays his bills


Satomi Kataoka, 38 years old, a business woman – general manager of a prestigious hotel called Princess Garden in Menguro and official girl friendof the fugitive, former President Alberto Fujimori.

Kataoke describes Fujimori’s routine in a interview to the Miami Herald like this. He
dedicates 12 hours a day to the internet, reading news and organizing his politicamovement. She also said that he is very serious and thoughtful with his studies, he does not smoke or drink and he hardly leaves the house. She also declared that Fujimori has proposed marriage to her several times but she has not accepted, even though they live together since 2002.

Satomi Kataoka was 2 years ago accused for not paying taxes, around 500 million yens (US$4,3 million) from a golf court she manages in the Southern part of Japan. Satomi Kataoka is known in Japan as a “bijin sacho”, a good looking manager. Fujimori’s uses this phrase to refer to the feminine beauty as well as intelligence.