Another of Lima, Peru’s Mega Shopping Centers to be Reorganized

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Minister of the Interior, Luis Alva Castro supported the Mayor of La Victoria, an urban district in Lima, Peru, in the reorganization of the mega shopping center known as Gamarra. The area was closed for 48 hours while police officers drove away informal street vendors.

Alva Castro has announced that the same measures will be taken in another of Lima, Peru’s popular mega shopping areas.

Peru’s Interior Minister stated that ‘Mesa Redonda’ would be the next place which authorities would clear of informal sales and illegal activity.

Furthermore, he reported that the Ministry of the Interior and Peru’s National Police have been studying and analyzing the safest and most professional way to reorganize the area. Alva Castro said, "The Ministry of the Interior and the police plan their activities, first and foremost defending peoples lives."

Minister Alva Castro recalled that nearly 300 people had been killed at Mesa Redonda in a gigantic fire in 2001. He stated that Peru’s government was attempting to keep another tragedy from happening and would continue to make public areas safer.

"Shoppers should feel that they can safely do their shopping in an organized way," said Alva Castro. He also explained that studies were carried out, to identify dangerous areas, before Peru’s police took action.

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