Peru: Authorities to Shut Down All Dangerous Shopping Centers Today

(LIP-ir) — Lidia Vega, a prosecutor for Peru’s Public Ministry announced that the organization, along with Peru’s National Police, would begin inspecting and closing down shopping centers and stores which were considered risky or were considered establishments which could put shoppers’ lives in danger.

After the huge fire which took over 27 hours to control at the mega shopping center known as "Mesa Redonda" on Friday evening, Vega assured that inspections and closures would begin taking place today.

Vega told Peru’s Andina News Agency, "The Public Ministry has been put on alert, especially prosecutors which are responsible for prevention, they will go out and inspect as well as identify the establishments which are a threat to people."

Furthermore, Vega reported that over one week ago, the National Police had given the Public Ministry a two-book report identifying and giving the addresses of the establishments which were considered dangerous, hazardous and a threat to consumers.

The prosecutor also reported that the Public Ministry, in the presence of the National Police and Peru’s Civil Defense Institute (INDECI), had met with the representatives of 200 shopping centers and had explained to them that it was crucial that they fix whatever safety problems they had immediately.