Weekend Blaze in Downtown Lima, Peru Damages 6 Firetrucks


(LIP-ir) — At least six firetrucks were damaged after having been worked for over 27 hours on Friday evening and all day Saturday November 4 in an effort to extinguish the huge flames which consumed one of the buildings that makes up the mega shopping center known as "Mesa Redonda".

General Víctor Potestá, Chief of Peru’s Fire Investigations Unit reported that at least six firetrucks had been damaged because they had been overworked during the long hours it took to control the flames which destroyed a building containing dozens of toy stores on several different floors.

Furthermore, Potestá strongly doubted that the firetrucks would be repaired because of the Fire Department’s low budget. Potestá explained that due to the size of the fire, all of the firetrucks available had to be used for long hours. He stated that this had caused the water pump motors to overheat and malfunction.

Peru’s Fire Chief lamented that the Fire Department would have less firetrucks to help and aid citizens during the Holiday Season, the time when support from Peru’s Fire Department is needed most.

Potestá publicly requested that the government help Peru’s Fire Department and realize that there were serious problems which impede the fire department from coming to peoples aid.

It was reported that no one died during the fire and that over 400 firefighters had helped in taming the blaze this weekend.