Surprise Inspections Shut Down Lima, Peru’s Largest Shopping Centers

(LIP-ir) — Just weeks after the Municipality of La Victoria closed down the mega shopping center known as ‘Gamarra’ to clear it of all possible dangers and hazards to shoppers, a building located in ‘Mesa Redonda’ – a mega shopping center in downtown Lima – was consumed for 27 hours by flames.

Authorities are now inspecting Mesa Redonda as thoroughly as Gamarrra was inspected and have taken evaluations to other parts of Lima, Peru.

The Municipality of Lima has announced that ‘Las Malvinas’ and ‘Mercado Central’ will also be targeted by Peru’s police and Civil Defense officials.

Officials stated that these measures were being taken to make sure that shops, stores and all commercial establishments were complying with safety standards so as to avoid another tragedy from happening.

Peru’s La Republica daily reported that the inspections would be handled by Peru’s Crime Prevention Office, the national police and the National Civil Defense Institute. State prosecutor, Dorita Loayza stated that commercial establishments were now subject to surprise inspections.

So far, the organization has closed down an unauthorized warehouse containing stoves, gas tanks, blankets, Christmas trees as well as other products and has closed down nine out of twenty-five galleries that were inspected while another nine were fined. Fifty tons of flammable products have also been taken out of Mesa Redonda.