Peru’s Government Protects Children Harassed by Pedophiles

Minister for Women and Social Development, Virginia Borra
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Seven out of ten children that chat with a stranger on the Internet end up being harassed by the stranger in some way, reported Peru’s Ministry for Women and Social Development (MIMDES) at the inauguration of a new program today.

It was reported that the number of children being abused by adults, which find their victims over the Internet has increased over the past years and for this reason Peru’s MIMDES has launched the "Chat thinking, Chat safely" campaign.

MIMDES has launched the campaign in an effort to make children and adolescents aware of the dangers of meeting and speaking to a stranger online and through an Internet chat.

A pamphlet is being distributed among children and adolescents warning as well as advising them to never accept if a person asks them to pose, take pictures of themselves or do anything for money because it is very likely that the images will be sold or posted on the Internet.

The pamphlet lists a series of ways that adults have tricked other minors into doing things that are illegal and warns youngsters what to do or not to do in various situations.

Peru’s Minister for Women and Social Development, Virginia Borra inaugurated the campaign in Callao today and told young people to trust more in their parents and less in strangers they meet on the Internet because they could be pedophiles looking for their next victim.