US-Peru Free Trade Pact Guarantees a Better Future for Peru

(LIP-ir) — The Peru-US free-trade pact will guarantee that labor laws in the country are strictly adhered to as well as guarantee the eradication of child labor, unfree labor and illegal logging, affirmed Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz.

Minster Aráoz pointed out that Peru already respected international agreements having to do with workers rights, such as the rights established by the International Labour Organization (ILO) but at the same time assured that with the Peru-US free-trade pact, the observance of the regulations would be reinforced.

"There will be a stronger adherence, there won’t be any way to get out of our own legislation," assured Aráoz in a television interview on the show Cuarto Poder.

Aráoz also stated that the government’s new battle against illegal logging would ensure the elimination of forced labor in Peru. She affirms that a free-trade pact with the US will benefit Peru tremendously by creating more jobs and encouraging foreign investment.

In a decision that split Democrats in half, the US House of Representatives approved the free-trade agreement with Peru on Thursday November 8 in a 285 – 132 vote.