Peru: Alberto Fujimori’s Wife to Give Her Life to Prove Husband’s Innocence

(LIP-ir) — Less than two weeks before Peru’s former president, Alberto Fujimori is to begin trial for human rights violations, his wife Satomi Kataoka has broken her silence and affirmed that her husband is not guilty and that she would fight for Fujimori’s innocence.

In a television interview, an emotional Kataoka stated she would give her life and fight to prove Alberto Fujimori’s innocence.

Despite her emotional affirmations, the Japanese businesswoman has not set foot on Peruvian soil since the former president was extradited to Peru. She has told her husband to continue fighting for his rights and freedom.

"He is a man with strong principles, he’s kind and modest, he’s so sensitive that he couldn’t be described as a man that committed fraud or organized crime," said Fujimori’s wife. "I think that’s why a great deal of poor people in Peru support him, because he isn’t lying."

Despite the fact that Fujimori’s lawyer, Cesar Nakasaki has claimed that he requested the trial be postponed, Peru’s former president’s trial for human rights violations has been set to begin on November 26.

His former adviser, Vladimiro Montesinos has been called as a witness in the trial. The Supreme Court has established that Montesinos does not have the right to remain silent and must testify.