1,148 victims of internal violence without defense


Plenty of internal violence victims are not able to have a proper judgmental defence due their poor economic conditions. This means that during the entire legal process they had no lawyer to represent them properly. They were not able to present the evidence and they never had access to the any files.

Poor economic conditions is the constant problem that these families of the violatence victims (tortured, missing and murdered by the terrorists) from the 80´s and 90´s faces while trying to get some kind of justice from local authorities.

The last report from the ombudsman “Defensoría del Pueblo” reveals that “2 years after the Truth & Reconciliation Commission was completed, 1,512 victims of the 47 cases that were presented, only 364 have had legal defence, meaning a legal organization that supported them (355) or a particular lawyer (9). There are 1,148 that have had no defence at all. This panorama is similar to the one from last year in Ayacucho, which is the most affected area by the terrorism and has the largest amount of victims without defence.”