Homes in Lima, Peru to be Provided with Natural Gas

(LIP-ir) — Cálidda, a natural gas company in Peru, announced that homes in Lima and Callao which did not currently have natural gas installations, would have access to Camisea natural gas by next year.

In what is left of the year, Cálidda will extend its coverage and supply of natural gas in the six districts that already have pipes, ready to provide homes with natural gas, stated the General Manager of Cálidda, Ernesto Córdova.

Cercado de Lima, Jesús María, Surco, Magdalena del Mar, Pueblo Libre and San Miguel are the districts that already have natural gas pipelines.

In the six districts the company is currently working, it was reported that it had 7,000 customers and a network that could supply 65,000 homes with natural gas. Furthermore, Peru’s natural gas company supplies 190 industries and 16 natural gas stations with the fuel.

"We are currently studying the market to spread throughout the city in an organized manner. What is important is that municipalities simplify the procedure to get authorization and above all get rid of the fees customers have to pay to have a natural gas connection in their home," said Córdova.

Córdova reported that the districts of San Miguel and Magdalena were pioneers and were encouraging the development of natural gas because they had gotten rid of the fees customers had to pay for a connection.

He also explained that the company was negotiating with construction programs to have natural gas installations included in new apartments.