SEDAPAL Water Company to Invest $1.4 Billion in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — Guillermo León, President of Lima, Peru’s water service company, SEDAPAL, reported that the water company planned to invest $1.4 billion by 2011 to make sure that 100 percent of the region of Lima had a supply of water.

Other goals the company has established include the treatment of 100 percent of wastewater and the provision of sewage systems for 100 percent of the region.

"Our main goal is to have a stronger water supply but at the same time reduce the demand," said León. He explained that SEDAPAL’s goal was to reduce each inhabitant’s consumption of water in Lima, Peru from 257 liters a day to 200 liters per day.

It was reported that the consumption of water in Lima surpassed that of European countries such as Germany and France, which consumed an average of 160 liters of water per inhabitant per day.

León also stated that there were foreign companies interested in investing in building installations that would exclusively treat wastewater in Lima. He explained that this project would require an investment of $500 million and was too large for SEDAPAL to handle alone. Proposals by investors are currently being evaluated.

"Let’s not forget we live in a desert, therefore, recycling wastewater is crucial," said León.