Peru’s Earthquake Victims Feel Abandoned While Government Debates Reconstruction Fund

(LIP-ir) — According to Peru’s RPP Noticias, three months after the magnitude-8 earthquake hit Peru and devastated most of the region of Ica, the situation families are living, especially in the cities of Ica and Chincha, has not improved and is bleak.

Many families are still living under roofs made of plastic bags while government authorities are stuck in a sterile debate over FORSUR, the organization created to administer the reconstruction funds and design project plans, reported RPP.

Peru’s government recently approved for FORSUR to reduce the number of members that made up the organization’s directorate. After several of its members had already quit, the committee was reduced from 19 to 10 on Wednesday.

Victims in Peru’s southern region state they feel abandoned and are disappointed by FORSUR and the whole reconstruction process. Victims are not the only ones complaining, the mayors of Cañete and Pisco have requested that the organization be stripped of its power.

Julio Favre, head of FORSUR, has stated that the mayors were upset because they had not been given full control of the reconstruction funds for their cities. In a meeting, mayors proposed that the funds be equally distributed between them so that they could spend them as they wished, said Favre.

Currently, Favre is in charge of administering the funds and controlling expenses, he denied the mayors’ request. Furthermore, Favre reported that the mayors of the affected cities had been given funds to clean up debris and had not done so.

Favre recalled that after the earthquake in Colombia, the planning process alone took nearly six months. Only three months have passed and we have completed the planning stage and are ready to start building, affirmed Favre.

For the time being, the World Bank is satisfied with the progress FORSUR has made, said Felipe Jaramillo, World Bank Country Director for Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.