20 Percent of Breadwinners in Lima, Peru are Females

(LIP-ir) — Based on a study done in Metropolitan Lima, the Labor Ministry reported that a woman was the breadwinner in 20 percent of the households in Lima, Peru.

The study also showed that out of the 20 percent of female breadwinners, over one third of them were divorced or separated while approximately 25 percent of them were single, 23 percent were widows and less than 9 percent were married. The remainder were women living with their partner.

The majority of breadwinners were adults, 55 years of age or older (35%) or between the ages of 30 – 44 (32%). Breadwinners between the ages of 45 – 54 made up 21 percent of the people surveyed while breadwinners from the ages of 14 – 29 were at 12 percent.

In this study, supervised by Peru’s Labor Ministry, researchers revealed that over 45 percent of the women that were breadwinners, were independent workers carrying out low-skilled tasks while approximately 35 percent had salaries.

It was reported that female breadwinners made an average of 877 soles per month while male breadwinners made an average of 1,382 soles per month.