Canada to Fund 5 New Projects for Earthquake Victims in Peru

(LIP-ir) — The Canadian Embassy announced today that it is finance five new projects that will aid the communities of Ica and Huancavelica, two regions seriously affected by the August 15 earthquake. The donation to be made for the five projects is $278,000.

One day after the earthquake, Canada came to Peru’s aid with a donation of $2 million to help with work and rescue missions that were being carried out on Peru’s coast. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is assisting in all immediate and long-term efforts in Peru.

The five projects to be carried out in Ica and Huancavelica by CIDA are to be funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). The CFLI complements CIDA’s bilateral program by supporting small projects (between $150 and $50,000, average $15,000) in the technical, economic, educational, cultural, or social development of local communities.

The projects will include: the construction of a library to benefit 8,000 children in Ica and Chincha as well as help them deal with post-traumatic stress, the removal of waste and the improvement of hygiene services that will benefit 5,865 residents in El Carmen, the construction of 15 classrooms in 8 schools in Chincha and Ica, the purchase of tools for farmers in Huancavelica to help them rebuild homes and the repair of structures that shelter 150 families.