Peru’s Congress to Support TPS for Illegal Aliens Living in the US

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Congress will support in the efforts being made to have the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) granted to Peruvians illegally living in the United States, said Peru’s President of Congress, Luis Gonzales Posada.

To reach this goal, Posada is to coordinate with the Peruvian American Political Organization (PAPO USA), an organization working on getting the TPS for undocumented Peruvians living in the US.

Once the goal is reached, between 500 and 600 thousand undocumented Peruvians will temporarily be allowed to remain in the US and have access to a job, said Peru’s President of Congress.

"Members of Congress from all of the parties support this project. The arm of the State extends to all of our citizens, whether they are here or in any of the world’s countries," affirmed Gonzales Posada.

Furthermore, the President of Congress noted the immense effort Peruvians living abroad were making by sending family members in their hometowns money. Posada reported that remittances in Peru exceeded $2 billion dollars a year.

The US grants the TPS to countries that have suffered natural disasters or civil wars. The Temporary Protected Status is valid for up to eighteen months and can be renewed.

"Peru has suffered natural disasters, no just the cold wave but the recent earthquake on August 15 in the southern region of the country, which caused numerous deaths and heavy material loss," stated Posada.