Protests in Lima, Peru Damage its Image and Scare Away Tourists

(LIP-ir) — The streets of Peru’s capital were flooded with shouting mothers and their children this morning as they marched and demanded that the government provide them with more funds for the Vaso de Leche (Glass of Milk) program.

Peru’s police did their best to direct traffic and keep the hundreds of protesting mothers from causing more chaos in an already hectic downtown Lima.

The march, which began at Campo de Marte, was to end at Peru’s Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Vaso de Leche is a welfare organization that was established to ensure that Peru’s poorest children have at least a glass of milk on a daily basis. Mothers are demanding an increase in funds, claiming that a recent rise in prices has affected the budget.

This march and the protest that is to be held by a worker’s union tomorrow damage Peru’s image as a tourist destination and especially damage the impression tourists have of Lima, a city which receives five thousand tourists on a daily basis, said the National Chamber of Tourism.

Daniel Ratti, president of the chamber, stated that these types of massive manifestations are usually accompanied by disruption and acts of violence that scare away foreign tourists, which influences whether they wish to return to the country or not.

"Visitors come to Peru with an idea and when they see these types of acts they return to their countries and tell everyone that Lima is unsafe," said Ratti. "We shouldn’t damage the image that Peru has as a friendly country that receives visitors well."