Government Promotes National Products in Peru’s First Bread Festival

(LIP-ir) — A Peruvian’s breakfast should never be without bread, but if we also consume national products, replacing imported wheat with national cereal and other substitutes, we will create more jobs as well as avoid an increase in the price of these essential foods, said Peru’s Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo in a broadcast interview this morning.

In an effort to urge Peru’s people to buy and consume bread made with national products, Peru’s Premier, along with Labor Minister, Susana Pinilla and the Minister of Agriculture, Ismael Benavides, presented the First National Bread Festival.

According to Del Castillo, 90 percent of the products used to produce bread in Peru are imported, thus making bread more expensive. He stated that the goal was to produce bread that was 50 percent made with Peruvian flour and 20 – 30 percent made from kiwicha, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes or rye.

This way more jobs will be created for Peru’s people in the Andes and their standard of living will improve, said Del Castillo.

Peru’s national bread festival, named "Peru’s 1001 Breads", will take place this weekend at Campo de Marte in Jesus Maria. "They are different types of breads and they represent the variety of the bread in Peru’s regions," said Susana Pinilla.

Pinilla added that the purpose of the festival, which is to begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, is to give everyone a chance to taste and learn about all the different types of bread the country can produce. No fees will be charged to those who wish to attend.