Installation Fees for Natural Gas in Peru’s Homes to be Reduced

(LIP-ir) — In an effort to reduce the cost of natural gas for Peru’s people and promote the installation of natural gas in residences, Cálidda natural gas company has proposed that the Ministry of Energy and Mining reduce installation fees by 25 percent.

It was reported that with a decrease in prices, residences in Peru could have natural gas and the goal of establishing connections in twelve thousand homes and nine districts in 2008 could be reached.

Six of Lima, Peru’s districts currently have access to natural gas for residential use. Residents in Jesús María, Surco, Magdalena del Mar, Pueblo Libre and San Miguel have had the necessary installations made while work is being done to provide Los Olivos and El Agustino with the necessary equipment.

With the new decrease in prices, customers would have to pay 900 soles, as opposed to 1,200, for access to the gas from one point in their home (kitchen or bathroom).

If customers were to want two or more access points, fees could surpass 2,000 soles. With the proposed discount, two access points would cost 1,500 soles.

For customers that cannot pay connection fees all at once, Cálidda has set up a payment program in which residents can pay installation fees in up to sixty months at 18% APR.