Peru’s People to Reject Pirate DVDs and Go to Movie Theaters

(LIP-ir) — As part of the festivities to be celebrated for "Movie day", the office of the Peruvian Standardization and Accreditation Body (INDECOPI) in Lambayeque announced that it would begin a campaign against pirate DVDs and CDs.

In an effort to make Lambayeque’s people more aware of laws concerning pirate material and help them reject pirate products, INDECOPI in Lambayeque has organized this campaign to discourage its people from purchasing pirate movies and music.

At the same time, the campaign is encouraging Peru’s people to go to movie theaters instead of purchasing pirate DVDs.

Special prices have been established so that moviegoers across the country will enjoy "Movie day", which is celebrated the third Sunday of November.

Chief of the INDECOPI office in Lambayeque, Magali Guzmán explained that a booth would be set up at a shopping center in the city to give Peru’s people information on copyright laws and encourage them to reject pirate DVDs and motivate them to go to the movies throughout the year.

Furthermore, Guzmán stated that pirate DVDs and CDs were being collected during the campaign and that Peru’s moviegoers could take their pirate products to movie theaters to support the anti-pirate campaign.

This is the third consecutive year Peru has celebrated "Movie day", the day that all the movie theaters in the country sell tickets at 3.50 soles.