Violently Treated Women in Peru March for Their Rights

translated by Israel Ruiz

(original Spanish text by Milagros Maurcio)

Many do not seem to see what is going on in reality: in our country, ten women are raped every day. The State does not protect them.

Picture taken by Verónica Calderón
© La Republica

In our country, nine women are brutally killed every month. The majority of them are killed by someone they know such as their partner, their spouse or a close member of their family. Some end up beaten others stabbed: all victims of violence against women.

Despite these alarming figures, the Ministry of Women (MIMDES), arguing "modernization" and with supreme decree 005-2007, is looking to eliminate the "Fight against family and sexual violence", a national program and the only organization that protects women’s rights when faced with violence.

Faced with this, the "25 de Noviembre" collective, made up of thirty organizations and NGOs, marched on Lima’s streets yesterday to show they reject a proposal that would leave millions of poor women without any type of protection.

According to Beatriz Ramírez, from the Movimiento Flora Tristán, the State would endanger the existence of the Emergency Centers for Women by transferring them to local governments, because the centers would be at the mercy of the budget local governments were provided.

It was reported that 68 percent of Peruvian women felt to have been in some way controlled by their partner, 41 percent of which reported they had been treated violently. The rape of ten women daily shows the government’s poor policies in the protection of women.

According to Sylvia Torres, a specialist in family law, punishment for a person that assaults a woman – according to the Penal Code – could range from a fine and community service to eighteen years in jail, depending on the crime.