Polls Show Peru’s Next President is Luis Castañeda

(LIP-ir) — A national poll conducted by CPI polling firm revealed that 85.3 percent of Peru’s population is against modifying the country’s constitution so President Alan Garcia can be reelected in 2011.

Only 10.6 percent of the citizens polled in Peru’s capital and in the capitals of provinces across the country said they would like to see Alan Garcia immediately reelected as President of Peru, while 4.1 percent stated they did not know or did not have an opinion on the matter.

When asked whether they approved of Alan Garcia’s administration, 28.8 percent of participants stated they were satisfied with his administration.

When compared to Alan Garcia’s popularity rate in October, an approval rate of 34.3 percent, a 5.5 percent decrease can be seen in November.

Studies also showed that if the presidential elections were held tomorrow, 28.2 percent of Peru’s people would vote for Luis Castañeda, the Mayor of Lima while 16.3 percent would vote for Lourdes Flores and 15 percent for Alberto Fujimori.

In last place was nationalist leader Ollanta Humala, with a 14.8 percent approval rate. If Keiko Fujimori were to replace her father in the presidential elections, polls showed she would only be supported by 8.2 percent of the population.

CPI polling firm revealed that 64.3 percent of the population stated they had not benefited at all because of Peru’s economic growth while 33.5 percent stated they had somewhat benefited.