Peru’s Authorities to Control the Spread of Advertisements in Lima

(LIP-ir) — After an ordinance establishing rules for advertisements in the city was put into force and published in Peru’s official gazette, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) announced that each district in the province had to regulate the establishment of advertisements and comply with the new regulations.

The new ordinance is to regulate where signs and billboards are to be placed and located throughout the different districts that make up the province of Lima, Peru.

According to the new norms established, municipal authorities in each of the districts are responsible for authorizing the placement of new adverts in their districts as well as in charge of billing companies for the right to put up their advertisements, said Ángel Delgado, head of legal affairs for the MML.

Delgado emphasized the importance of the new ordinance stating that there previously had not been a way to organize the excessive spread adverts in the province of Lima, Peru.

Furthermore, Delgado recalled that in 1998 authorities had attempted to establish such a norm but were not successful because of resistance from district leaders and advertising companies. "On this occasion, corrections have been made and the interests of all parities have been considered," assured Delgado.

There will be advertisements throughout the city but this has to be regulated to protect the appearance of the city and avoid visual contamination, explained the municipal authority.

Districts in Lima have one year to adhere to the new regulations while Panamericana Norte and Panamericana Sur Highways have a maximum of 45 days.