United Nations Awards Man from Cusco, Peru for His Invention

(LIP-ir) — The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) awarded Nicasio Uñapillco Ttito, a businessman from Cusco, Peru for the invention of a machine that helps feed guinea pigs.

Uñapillco, a native of the province of Calca, was moved to tears when he received the highest award from the UNDP in 2007 for the establishment of his small business.

After surveying the market in the area where he lived, Uñapillco realized that guinea pig farmers had to pay seven thousand dollars for a machine that would process food for their animals. Faced with a demand for low-cost machines, Uñapillco got together with an engineer from SENATI and invented a "mini-machine".

Uñapillco’s machine grinds, mixes and molds products such as waste maize, barley, peas and fishmeal, turning them into balanced diets for guinea pigs, the inventor proudly states.

Uñapillco sells each of his mini machines for five hundred dollars, making a profit of 500 soles for each one sold. He has sold forty since he started his small company in 2002. With his invention, Uñapillco has reduced the cost of feeding guinea pigs and increased profits for many farmers in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

After receiving his five thousand dollar award from the United Nations, Uñapillco stated that now he plans to invent a machine that can help farmers deal with rodent problems.