Peru’s Labor Laws Prohibit Firing Workers with HIV or AIDS

(LIP-ir) — Companies have been warned and are aware that if they fire an employee because he/she has HIV or AIDS, they will be fined 6,900 soles, said Jorge Villasante Araníbar, the National Inspections Director for Peru’s Labor Ministry when asked about workers rights with respect to their health.

Villasante stated that new inspections regulations considered firing a worker because they had an illness, whatever the illness was, a serious offense. "This is considered an act of discrimination," said the official.

The National Inspections Director encouraged any person that was fired for any of these reasons to immediately go to the Ministry’s offices in San Borja and file charges against the company. He added that it was also possible to denounce companies by logging onto the website: www.mintra.gob.pe.

"Once the information has been received, labor officials will schedule an inspection of the company and if employers cannot justify firing the employee with valid reasons, they could be fined," affirmed Villasante.

He also explained that if employers insisted on firing the employee for the same reason, the person being discriminated against could go to court and request to immediately be given their job back.