US Senate to Vote on Peru Free Trade Agreement Monday

(LIP-ir) — The US Senate is to reschedule the day it will vote on the bilateral free trade agreement with Peru, moving it to Monday December 3, said Peru’s Ambassador to the US, Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos.

Ortiz de Zevallos made the announcement today in one of the meetings held during this years Annual Conference of Executives (CADE), taking place in Trujillo.

The staff led by the US Senate Majority leader has announced that they agree on voting on the US-Peru free trade agreement sooner than planned, said the Peruvian diplomat.

He added that the only thing needed now was for the US Senate leader to approve the suggestion made by his advisers. His entire team has stated that it would be better to deal with the US-Peru free trade agreement before dealing with the Agricultural Law, said Ortiz de Zevallos.

In a 285 to 132 vote, the US House of Representatives approved a free-trade agreement with Peru on November 8.