Peru’s People to Consume 24 Thousand Tons of Turkey for Christmas

(LIP-ir) — Twenty-four thousand tons of turkey, fifty-five percent of the turkey that is consumed in Peru yearly, will be eaten during the Christmas holiday season, reported the Peruvian Poultry Association (APA), stating that now turkey was not only eaten by Peru’s higher classes.

The demand for turkey is much higher during this time of year because of strong Peruvian family traditions to have it as part of holiday dinners, said Pedro Mitma, president of APA.

He explained that economic growth has made it possible for more of Peru’s people to enjoy this traditional Christmas dish.

Mitma stated that many people prefer to buy a whole turkey for their Christmas dinner while others liked purchasing the turkey in parts. He explained that while many Peruvians liked roasting the breast of the bird, there were others that preferred the juicier taste of turkey legs.

On the other hand, the president of Peru’s Poultry Association stated that chicken was still an alternative, explaining that seventy-five thousand tons of chicken were expected to be sold during the holiday season.

Mitma recommended for Peru’s people to eat poultry instead of red meat, explaining that it was healthier. He stated that turkey was currently being sold at approximately eight soles per kilo.