Peru’s Wong Corporation to Open 15 More Supermarkets and a Shopping Center Next Year

(LIP-ir) — The Wong Corporation, owner of the Peruvian supermarket chains Wong, Metro and Eco announced that it will continue its expansion through Peru and will not sell.

In response to the rumors that the corporation will sell its stores to Chilean investors, Edgar Callo, a manager for the company stated that the corporation would open fifteen new stores next year, investing over $40 million in the inauguration of more Wong, Metro and Eco supermarkets.

Expanding ‘Plaza Lima Sur’, located in the district of Chorrillos, the corporation also continues to invest in its "open" shopping centers, establishments that permit shoppers to make their purchases will enjoying natural lighting and the season’s temperature.

Dozens of new stores are to be inaugurated as the company completes the second stage of its construction at the shopping center, which had an average of 1.2 million visitors per month in June 2007.

The Peruvian corporation will also open a new Power Center in the Lima district of Ventanilla, which is to have a Metro supermarket as well as a banking center, said Callo.