FTA Approval Attracts Attention of Investors in Peru’s Neighboring Countries

(LIP-ir) — Investors in Peru’s neighboring countries are interested in investing in the Andean nation with the hopes of accessing the US market and more favorable tariffs now that a free trade deal has been approved, said the Vice Minister of Industry, Carlos Ferraro.

He pointed out that the recent approval of the bilateral agreement by the US Senate had generated interest in investors in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.

Ferraro explained that investors in Colombia and Ecuador had planned on entering the US market with free trade pacts of their own but have been unable to because their deals with the US have not been approved yet. Therefore, investors are hoping to access the US market by investing in Peru.

Brazil and Argentina are also interested in accessing the US market through Peru by bringing their products to the country and later exporting them to the US, said Peru’s Vice Minister of Industry.

He also explained that investors in Paraguay were interested in working together with Peru to reach the US footwear market.

A great deal of US investors have recently come to Peru and many more will come in the next few days to evaluate possible investments in the country, affirmed Ferraro.