Teen?s death raises questions about organs traffic


Last weekend an adolescent (14) was killed in a shooting in the populated neighbourhood
La Victoria, this crime is still under investigation. Maybe is could have been a fortuitous accident, but there are now reasons to suspect that the bullet that killed this young man could have been directed to him.

The young man died in the public Hospital 2 de Mayo, after his death theory was taken to the Morgue of Lima, where the extraction of his eye’s corneas took place 6 hours later.

The transplant was done in Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati, where two adults got the eye organs and will be able to see again. This extraction is controversial, due to the fact that
 no person in the young man’s family was consulted about this procedure. The parents
have presented charges because they were not asked about permission to do the
extraction they fear that this is a case of organs traffic.

The vice-manager of the Unit of Transplants of Essalud (Hospital Rebagliati), Victor Torres, confirmed that the corneas of the minor have been used to benefit two among 660 people in the country, who hope to get a transplant. He discarded the traffic of organs, but there is a doubt in the air: Were the relatives of the minor informed about this procedure?
No. According to sources of the Division of Homicides of the Police, no relative of the
 minor was at those moments in the Morgue of Lima, this is the reason why someone decided the extraction of his corneas. According to the Law of Donation and Transplant indicates that the relatives of a corpse must be informed about the extraction of their organs, the General Law of Health also authorizes to morgues to make the extraction of these for transplant. The extraction of the organs can be done up to six hours after the death of the person.

For the specialist in bioethics and genetics right Clara Mosquera, in this case there is no penal, because damage was not caused to anybody, "the law says that the rests of a dead body can be used in benefit the health of other people. It was acted in agreement with the law ", she commented. “Nevertheless, in the country there is disinformation about the matter, little solidarity with hundreds of people who will die if we did not make a bioethical decision ", she indicated.