Out of 970 Programs, Peru Wins BBC – Newsweek World Challenge 2007

(LIP-ir) — Tikipapa, the program organized by Peru’s International Potato Center has won World Challenge 2007, a global competition brought to the world by BBC World and Newsweek in association with Shell.

Along with the honor of being chosen out of 940 participating programs, Tikipapa is to be rewarded with US$20,000 to benefit the program and will also have one of its representatives flown to The Hague, The Netherlands to attend the award ceremony this month.

Now in its third year, World Challenge 2007 is a worldwide competition that searches for development projects and businesses that not only make a profit, but also help the people of a community.

High in nutritional value and organically grown, the potatoes in Peru’s high Andes were not given much attention by supermarkets in Lima before Tikipapa.

More importantly, the program has helped the country’s high Andes farmers, who make less than $1 per day, benefit from their premium products.

Tikipapa is a program that bridges the gap between Peru’s Andean farmers and the potato market, giving their products a new image and allowing farmers to place them in supermarkets across the country’s capital.

Since the program was started almost three years ago, it has directly benefited 500 families that grow potatoes approximately 3,300 meters (10,800 feet) above sea level. By increasing the farmer’s income, it has allowed them to have a better standard of living.