Chile Questions Peru’s Possession of Medium-Range Missiles

Pictures circulating of Peru’s military with supposed scud missile.

(LIP-ir) — José Goñi, Chile’s Minster of Defense announced this week that he would speak to Peru’s authorities about media reports that Peru has medium-range missiles in its possession, similar to the "scuds" used by Saddam Hussein to attack Israel during the Gulf War.

Although the Chilean leader believes it is unlikely that press announcements are true, he has stated that he will still look into the matter.

"Naturally, we have been keeping an eye on this situation. Nothing has been confirmed yet. I don’t think it’s a missile like the press has speculated. We will look into the matter", said Chile’s Minister of Defense.

Chilean radio station Bio Bio reported this week that Peru’s military exposed the missile "Paulet I" in recent military exercises. The speculations were encouraged even more when pictures of the supposed missile were posted on the Internet.

"Either way these are topics we need to discuss and clarify with our Peruvian friends", said Goñi in statements to the press.

Paulet I is a sounding rocket and is the first rocket to be built for research purposes by Peruvian scientists belonging to the National Commission for Space Research and Development (CONIDA).

With the help of Peru’s Air Force, the rocket was first launched last year on December 26, traveling five times faster than the speed of sound.