Peru: 5-Month-Old Baby Killed by Bottle Rocket

(LIP-ir) — Doctors in Huancayo were unable to save a five-month-old baby’s life when he was brought to a hospital after being hit in the head with a bottle rocket.

Five-month-old José Luis Huamán Cachari was taken to El Carmen de Huancayo Hospital.

It was reported that the accident took place while the people in a town in Huancayo, approximately 310 kilometers (190 miles) from Peru’s capital Lima, were celebrating its anniversary.

The baby was brought to the hospital with serious burns on his body and died early this morning, said doctors.

Jesús Paucarchuco Reynoso, the 26-year-old man that had launched the bottle rocket stated he was sorry for what had happened.

Reynoso, a baker in the town, explained that after he lit the firework, it veered off course and struck the baby’s head. July Canchari Ureta, José Luis’ mother, said she was holding him when the accident happened.

"He was bleeding and no one helped me. I just took him to the health center and no one was there", said the mother. Peru’s RPP news reported that no one has gone to the hospital to pick up the baby’s body.