Peru’s President Alan Garcia Reports to Community Leaders

(LIP-ir) — In a speech given to 18 thousand people at the Plaza de Acho, Peru’s President Alan Garcia announced that to this date, 180 thousand property deeds had been granted to Peruvian people.

He also reiterated his promise that by the end of his administration, 800 thousand Peruvians would have a property deed for their home, farm or workshop.

Peru’s Chief of State affirmed that everyday he worked on improving the administration of Public Records as well as speeding up the process to obtain a property deed, stating that it was necessary for every Peruvian citizen to feel safe where they lived.

Garcia’s speech was given to tens of thousands of community leaders that fight to have basic amenities in their districts towns or villages. He commended them on their effort and stated that it was honorable they worked without being paid.

The government has the same objectives as community leaders, that is why 400 thousand Peruvians will have electricity thanks to rural electric projects, said Garcia.

He added that as a part of the "Agua para Todos" program, 1,210 projects to provide Peru’s people with potable water were well under way and would be completed by next year, providing two million Peruvians with potable water.

Peru’s president also informed community leaders that during his administration 600 thousand men and women have learned to read and write.