Peru’s Government to Invest Over 2 Billion Soles in Armed Forces

Minster of Defense, Allan Wagner (left) President Alan Garcia (right)
© Andina

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s government is to invest more than $1.3 billion soles in the recovery and strengthening of the country’s Armed Forces, said Allan Wagner, Peru’s Minister of Defense.

Wagner explained that the money to be invested in the country’s Armed Forces would be spent in two parts.

550 million soles will be spent beginning in January, after the Ministry of Economy and the Banco de la Nación come to a financial agreement. The other 802 million soles will be spent at a later date, said Peru’s Minister of Defense.

Aside from the money the government has stated it will invest, Peru’s Armed Forces will receive another 653 million to implement a surveillance program in the country, said Wagner.

He stated that with the approved funds there would be total control and complete surveillance of the country’s territory, allowing the Armed Forces to respond adequately in the case there was a threat to national security.

Over 2 billion soles are to be invested in Peru’s Armed Forces during Alan Garcia’s administration, facilitating the purchase of modern equipment to guarantee the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, affirmed the Minister of Defense.