Campaigns Begun to Reduce Child Labor in Peru

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Labor Ministry has projected that by 2011 it will reduce the number of children that are worst affected by child labor in the country by 50 percent.

Labor Minster, Susana Pinilla announced the Ministry’s goal, affirming that 15 percent of the children and adolescents that worked in Peru, between the ages of 6 – 17, were worst affected by child labor.

According to Peru’s Andina news service, there are currently two million three hundred thousand children working throughout the country.

"Children that work interrupt their normal development; they don’t nourish themselves adequately and are generally abused. Above all, they aren’t allowed to go to school," warned Peru’s Labor Minister.

She also reported that three out of every four children that worked and studied ended up dropping out of school.

Pinilla pointed out that one of the agreements in the US-Peru free trade pact was to do away with child labor. "We should all be committed to keeping this promise," said Pinilla.

A campaign to fight child labor has already been organized with one of Peru’s soccer associations and the Labor Ministry has planned to start other campaigns, reported Minster Pinilla.