Workers Buried Alive at Construction Site in Lima, Peru


(LIP-ir) — At least eight construction workers were buried alive and two others injured on Wednesday when a concrete wall unexpectedly collapsed and fell on them.

The tragic accident took place at a construction site on the corner of Jiron Italia and Antonio Bazo in La Victoria, a district in Peru’s capital.

Witnesses at the scene reported that the wall was part of a house next to a hole that was being dug.

Peru’s national police, firefighters and construction workers are attempting to save the workers, which are believed to be alive under the rubble and huge concrete blocks that fell on them.

The two men that were injured were identified as Percy Tenorio Bellido and Edgar José Galiano Muriel, both of whom were taken to 2 de Mayo Hospital by firefighters.

It was reported that Peru’s Minister of Health would send a rescue brigade to aid in the efforts to save the construction workers.

At the scene of the accident, rescue teams are using picks and shovels to remove the pieces of the wall that have buried at least eight workers alive. According to police reports, cranes are needed to lift the large concrete blocks that fell on the workers.