Construction Accident Kills 8 in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — Approximately ten hours after a huge concrete wall collapsed and buried at least eight workers alive on Wednesday morning, Richard Nina Paucará was found and taken out from under the rubble.

Paucará was found alive by rescue teams at approximately 8 p.m.

After firefighters had taken the necessary measures not to cause Paucará any further injuries and paramedics had tended to his immediate needs, the construction worker was taken to 2 de Mayo Hospital around 9:30 p.m.

It was reported that Paucará will have to have an arm amputated and is in critical condition due to multiple fractures and a considerable loss of blood.

Commander Larry Linch, Chief of Peru’s Rescue Brigade, stated that at least one hundred men, working in multiple-hour shifts were attempting to find more survivors. Thankfully, there is heavy machinery to move the 80cm (31 inch) blocks, said Commander Linch.

An hour after Paucará’s rescue, the body of Juan Carlos Roda Libia was found. The causes of death were identified as suffocation and a loss of blood. It is believed that Juan Carlos was approximately 24 years old.

Three more bodies were found late last night and early this morning. Carlos Alberto Santiago Capcha and 25-year-old Luis Poma Díaz did not survive the accident. The last construction worker found has not been identified yet.

Peru’s President Alan Garcia has requested that the National Police immediately detain the directors of JAA Construction Company for not having taken the necessary safety precautions.

The construction company did not have a license to operate and had not been authorized by Peru’s Labor Ministry, said Susana Pinilla, the Labor Minister.


After approximately 30 hours, the last of the 9 men that were trapped under the collapsed wall was rescued. There was one survivor.