Third Tallest Waterfall in the World Discovered in Peru

(LIP-ir) — What was believed to be the third tallest waterfall in the world has been replaced by a new discovery. According to a study done by Peru’s National Geographic Institute (ING), the third tallest waterfall in the world is in Peru’s Amazon in the district of Cuispes.

Studies done by Peru’s ING revealed that Yumbilla waterfall is 895.4 meters (2,937 feet) high and higher than Gocta waterfall, which is 771 meters (2,529 feet) high and located in Chachapoyas, said Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz.

Yumbilla waterfall is the third tallest waterfall in the world and the highest in Peru’s Amazon if we consider that Gocta is 771 meters high, said a press release. The waterfall has four large drops.

Gocta waterfall, in the northern area of Chachapoyas, was discovered on March 9, 2006 by Stefan Ziemendorff, a German citizen working on a project with the Potable Amazon Water Company (Emusap).

According to Peru’s RPP news, before the discovery of Yumbilla, the only waterfalls known to be higher than Gocta were El Salto del Ángel in Venezuela and Tugela Falls in South Africa.

A 2-day tour is being organized by Peru’s Ministry of Tourism so that tourists can view Yumbilla, Gocta and Chinata waterfalls.

The World Waterfall Database reports that Yumbilla is actually the world’s fifth tallest waterfall and that Tres Hermanas in Ayacucho is the world’s third.