Peru: Almeria’s Santiago Acasiete Admits to Partying in Lima Hotel

(LIP-ir)  —  UD Almeria player Santiago Acasiete, one of the players suspended from Peru’s national team for partying after the Brazil match, admitted to having been present at the hotel party but stated, "nothing else happened."

Last week four soccer players for Peru’s national team were suspended by the country’s World Cup Commission for having drunk alcohol and invited women to a party at a hotel in Surco, a bourgeois district in Peru’s capital.

Those suspended were Santiago Acasiete, Andrés Mendoza, Claudio Pizarro and Jefferson Farfán.

Peru’s RPP news reported that Acasiete made the following statements.

"This is the first time this has happened to me and I got a little nervous. They were talking about me for four or five days in Peru and that makes me uncomfortable but when I got here to Almeria, the coach talked to me and gave me confidence and my teammates supported me. I felt much calmer the second day all this came out," said Acasiete.

"In Peru there are journalists and people that don’t care about anyone else, they just care about selling, at the time I felt a little bad but then, being here with people that trust me, they gave me peace," stated the defender.

Acasiete added that the whole situation had made his family in Peru uncomfortable but that things were getting better.