Construction Worker Loses Arm after Mishap in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — 27-year-old Richard Alfredo Nina Paucará, the only man that was taken alive from under a wall that collapsed early Wednesday morning, is in 2 de Mayo Hospital and slowly recovering from the accident.

Paucará was the only survivor and one of the first construction workers found under the huge concrete blocks that fell on workers after a wall collapsed next to a hole they were digging. Paucará was found after 10 hours and lost his arm in the mishap.

Doctors at 2 de Mayo Hospital consider it a miracle that Paucará survived the disaster and does not have any other fractures. According to doctors, he is currently in the hospital’s intensive care unit in stable conditions and recovering from the accident.

Edgar José Galiano Muriel and Percy Oswaldo Tenorio Bellido, two men that were injured but not trapped under the fallen wall, were released from the hospital and are also in stable conditions.

At least one hundred men worked in multiple-hour shifts Wednesday and Thursday in attempts to find survivors after a wall collapsed on construction workers in La Victoria. The use of heavy machinery aided in moving the 80cm (31 inch) thick blocks that had fallen on workers.

It is believed that eight men were killed in the disaster. Peru’s President Alan Garcia requested that the National Police detain the directors of JAA Construction Company for not having taken the necessary safety precautions.

The construction company did not have a license to operate and had not been authorized by Peru’s Labor Ministry, said Susana Pinilla, the Labor Minister.