Peru: Government Increases Volunteer Firefighter Budget

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s government announced that the budget for the country’s volunteer firefighters would be increased by ten million soles in 2008. It was reported that the money would mainly be used to purchase new uniforms and hoses.

Last year’s budget amounted to 46 million soles while next years budget will be 56 million soles, said Rodolfo Guija Benavides, director of the institutional image department for Peru’s volunteer firefighters.

"The money will basically be invested in the purchase of hoses and uniforms, which is the equipment mainly affected while we perform our duties," said Benavides.

Commander Córdova Gómez reported that volunteer firefighters in Peru had aided in one hundred and twenty thousand emergencies throughout the country.

Furthermore, the commander stated that in Lima, firefighters had aided in a total of 81,967 emergencies from January to November of this year.

He explained that out of the 81,967 cases, approximately 65 thousand had been medical emergencies while over five thousand had been fires.

He also reported that almost five thousand of the emergencies had been traffic accidents and that 1,945 had been gas leak cases.