Peru’s Labor Ministry Demands Compensation for Construction Mishap in La Victoria


(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Labor Minister, Susana Pinilla announced today that she had met with the family members of the men that were killed at a construction site in La Victoria after a wall collapsed and buried nine of the workers alive.

Minster Pinilla stated that the two men responsible for the construction company, Gerardo Mamani and Juan Arriaga would have to indemnify the family members of those killed for damages caused.

It was also reported that Peru’s Labor Ministry had identified the needs of families and were also aware of the jobs they needed.

The Ministry is making an effort to provide them with jobs in the country or abroad, reported Peru’s RPP news.

Pinilla stated that she would not allow the two men responsible for this tragedy to ignore what had happened.

Nine men were buried alive at a construction site in La Victoria on December 12 when a wall next to a hole they were digging collapsed.

The only survivor, who is recovering after having lost his arm, was found approximately 10 hours after the wall collapsed while the other eight construction workers were found in the next 20 hours.

The company did not have license to operate and had not been authorized by Peru’s Labor Ministry.