Peru: Over 15,000 Illegal Peruvians Receive Visas

(LIP-ir) — Thousands of Peruvian citizens that were illegally living in Chile took advantage of the opportunity Chile’s government gave them to straighten out their paperwork and enjoy more benefits.

Thanks to the amnesty granted by Chile to undocumented foreign residents, over 15,000 Peruvians are now able to work, study and peacefully live in the country, reported Peru’s Consulate in Santiago de Chile.

Out of the 19,918 illegal residents that had their applications accepted, 15,229 were Peruvian citizens. Just 45 days after Chile put the amnesty into effect, 76.6 percent of the applications accepted have been from Peruvians.

Following Peruvians are Bolivian immigrants, who have been granted 2,835 visas. 716 Ecuadorian along with 435 Colombian applications have also been approved.

According to the Chilean Government, the purpose of this regularization process is to provide undocumented immigrants with much-needed permits that will help them get jobs and allow them access to the social security system.

The application process is to end on February 5. Those wishing to apply must have entered Chile before October 21 and are required to present their passport or identification card.

News source: ANDINA